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We Are Already Dead to Sin

Feb 04, 2018

Passage:Romans 6:1-2

Speaker: Pastor Bob Graham

Series: Romans Study

Category: Doctrine

Keywords: crucified, sanctification, death to sin

The 6th chapter of Romans is vital to our understanding the key elements of our sanctification. Paul begins with a foundational concept - When Christ died on the cross - we died with Him. We cannot crucify ourselves, as much as we may try, we will never succeed. Our death to sin is not something we accomplish by our own self-will, it has already been accomplished 2000 years ago on the cross of Calvary. This is a work of grace that has already been accomplished by our Savior. This is a fact for us to reckon with by faith and the very basis of the sanctifying work God is trying to accomplish in us who are genuinely born again.