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Holiness Makes a Difference

May 17, 2015

Passage:1 Peter 1:13-17

Speaker: Pastor Bob Graham

Series: Making A Difference

Category: Christlike Character

Keywords: god is holy, holiness, purity, righteous living

What has happened to the idea of holy living? Why have we swallowed a culturally corrupted version of holiness? People talk about being like Jesus, but they think holiness is over the top. Isn't Christlikeness and holiness one in the same? This message calls believers back to a pursuit of holiness in all manner of living. The teaching is crystal clear in the Scriptures. We need to be taking our cues from the Word of God in this matter. God has called us be holy; He is in the process of making us holy. Let us cooperate with His miraculous work in our earthly pilgrimage.