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The Journey to a Miracle

Posted: Feb 25, 2015 by Pastor Bob Graham

Published in: Lessons for Life

     Several weeks ago, we looked at Mark 5:21-43, the story Jairus’ daughter being raised from the dead, which we referred to as “A Journey to a Miracle.” We made a number of observations about Jairus’ journey that seem to correspond whenever we make our way through life’s difficulties to a miraculous end.

  1. The journey to a miracle is a journey of faith. It was certainly an act of faith for Jairus to ask Jesus to come to his house to heal his sick daughter. When situations later turned worse, Jesus urged him to continue to believe.
  2. The journey to a miracle often starts with a crisis. A daughter about to die is definitely a crisis in anyone’s life, but so is an approaching enemy, a battle, a storm, a drought or a flood. Great needs provide a window of opportunity for God’s greater solutions.
  3. The journey to a miracle will always lead us to pray. Jairus went to Jesus with an urgent request – the very essence of prayer. He begged the Lord to come. What do you suppose would have happened if he asked nothing of the Lord? How often is it the case that we have not because we ask not?
  4. The journey to a miracle will often undo our pride. It took a great deal of humility for a ruler of the Jewish Synagogue to make such a request of Jesus. By and large, the Jewish leadership rejected the Lord.
  5. The journey to a miracle may often acquaint us with another’s miracle. That’s no accident, we need the encouragement. Our faith can falter during these journeys. We can give ear to negative voices and focus on the difficulties. God knows when our faith needs a boost.
  6. The journey to a miracle often leads us through deeper despair. Jairus received some terrible news – his daughter died. News like this causes people to give up. It’s a good thing the Lord was there to encourage him. And God does send folks to encourage us to stay on the journey and keep trusting.
  7. The journey to a miracle often leads through the scorn of unbelievers. When Jesus arrived, He didn’t receive a warm reception. He was laughed to scorn for His comment. This was very inappropriate given the circumstances. This gesture revealed the attitude of Jairus’ peers toward Christ.
  8. The journey to a miracle will always lead us to absolute astonishment. One can only imagine the amazement Jairus must have experienced when he saw his dead daughter arise. Divine intervention is bound to leave us with a sense of awe.
  9. The journey to a miracle will always fill our hearts with gratitude. Think of how grateful Jairus and the Mrs. must have been.
  10. The journey to a miracle will always increase our faith. This all began with faith, and it ended with greater faith. He sought the Lord in hope of his daughter’s recovery, but he ended up witnessing her resurrection.

     So, if your need requires the divine intervention of God, take a lesson from Jairus and stay on your journey to a miracle. It will be a faith strengthening experience you will never forget.