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Thank you, I noticed...

Posted: Feb 14, 2015 by Bob Graham

AuthorBob Graham

Published in: Memo to the Married

     It’s been a long week at work; lots of issues, but its Friday and you’re home now. Your wife greets you at the door, she appears rather chipper. You tell her about your day, the ride home, etc. She listens intently, asks a few questions. Then you ask about her day. Things were pretty normal, went to the store, got this done, that done, so and so called… but she still has that little grin. You pause for a moment, look around, then ask – what else have you been up to? With a little twinkle in her eye she asks – Did you notice anything different?

      Did you notice? Do you notice? How often do you notice? When was the last time you noticed? What do you do when you notice?

      Good marriages are composed of numerous investments of time, thought and energy. Some of these investments are amazing endeavors thoughtfully planned and ingeniously carried out. Others are a bit more subtle; little changes, a little more of this, a little less of that or a different arrangement of the same. Then of course, there’s the common everyday events, various errands and regular household duties that take place day after day, week after week, year after year.  

     Human nature has a real tendency to take things for granted. We just expect things to be done, to be clean, to be ready, to be on time, and to be in their respective places. And even though we repeatedly benefit from the countless preparations that are made for us, we are often plagued with this terrible habit of saying nothing; nothing, that is until we notice what’s not done or what needs to be redone. Then, we seem to have plenty to say.

     Wise is the husband who notices! Wise is the wife who notices! And when you notice, by all means say something. Say something good, and say something often. Let each other know how grateful you are for the big things, for the thoughtful things, for the creative things, and yes, even for those normal everyday things. You might be pleasantly surprised to find that the more you notice, and the more good you have to say about that which you have noticed, the more there will be to notice in the future.

1 Thessalonians 5:18