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Wherefore, God Gave Them Up

Apr 03, 2016

Passage:Romans 1:24-25

Speaker: Pastor Bob Graham

Series: Romans Study

Category: Doctrine

Keywords: rebellion, self will, sin, own way

God does many things in the course of a person's life to keep them from their own destructive ways. He uses parents, pastors, teachers, friends, civil authorities, circumstances and the like to serve as restraining measures. But there are times when people are bent on having their own way and refuse to be persuaded otherwise. In cases like these, God takes away the restraints, allowing folks to go their own way, in hopes that they will learn their lesson and return to Him and His ways of truth. Some do learn, but many do not. We desperately need divine restraints in our lives. In some cases, God will use us to be one of those restraints in someone else's life.