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Spirit Filled Submission

Feb 08, 2015

Passage:Ephesians 5:21

Speaker: Pastor Bob Graham

Series: A Study Through Ephesians

Category: Marriage and the Home

Keywords: submission, cooperation, spirit fullness, relationship

Submission has a bad connotation in our American culture, and sadly enough, the same sentiment has crept into the church. The reason this is so devastating is because it is one of the first fruits of the Spirit-filled life and a key quality instrumental in producing a beautiful harmony in all our human relationships. Our text lays a solid foundation of mutual cooperation that is both pleasing to God and productive in all our interrelations with men. Are there abuses in this arena? Certainly! But we must not overreact by throwing the baby out with the bathwater. Listen and learn the balance the Scriptures bring to bear on this all important subject.